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Monday , July 7 , 2014
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TT: Your thoughts on a regional All India Institute of Medical Sciences (AIIMS) for Jharkhand?

JKM: Isnít the Centre aware of the condition of existing government health centres in the state? A super specialty centre at sadar hospital is languishing for over a year

Should Jharkhand have an AIIMS?

Surely. Along with that existing health institutes should be improved so that AIIMS does not meet the same fate as other government hospitals

Do you think a regional AIIMS can be on a par with AIIMS-Delhi?

Never. Yet, a regional AIIMS will definitely cater to the needs of the poor

What about the controversy surrounding AIIMS?

Itís a political stunt

Ideally, where should our AIIMS come up?

In the state capital

Why not in, say, Bokaro or Dumka?

AIIMS will not only be a primary health centre to cater to the needs of local people. It will serve the people of Jharkhand and those living in neighbouring states. How will it benefit the entire population if it comes up in Dumka or Bokaro?

But, Dumka is our sub-capital and Bokaro is a thriving town?

Agreed. But, if AIIMS comes up at any of these two places, what happens to a man with a serious ailment from, say, Chaibasa or Simdega? He will go to AIIMS-Delhi instead of Dumka or Bokaro

Your logic?

AIIMS will have to have super specialists who would be coming from other states. May be even abroad. At present, the state is unable to retain good doctors at RIMS. How will it ensure doctors stay at an AIIMS in Dumka or Bokaro? Bringing AIIMS to Dumka or Bokaro will mean developing these places on a par with the state capital. Is the state ready to invest so much?

But Dumka and Bokaro also need good hospitals?

They do. Our respected chief minister and health minister can come up with much needed medical colleges there

Will AIIMS-Ranchi be able to pull doctors?

I hope so.