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School students pen stories
- Youngsters from four DPS put imagination to paper

Delhi Public School launched its first fictional book, Cobalt Blue, a compilation of 27 short stories and 46 associated illustrations, on Friday.

Students of Delhi Public School in Patna, Coimbatore, Ludhiana and Pune have written the stories. Eminent guests from the literary field, including writer and poet Arun Kamal, and some prominent journalists graced the launch of the book, published by Takshila Educational Society.

Speaking at the ceremony, DPS Patna principal B. Vinod said: “I admire the efforts of the students and congratulate the young writers. Each and every story has carved a niche, their reputation would be no less than that of other great contemporary writers.”

He added: “This book is not complete without the mentorship of the well-known Quill Club Writers, Hemant Kumar and Ruchira Mittal, who selected the students from the four locations. Young writers shared their experiences and the journey from scratch to unique story. A small, unknown step can be a turning point in one’s life. Eight students from Patna DPS have contributed their stories in this book.”

Adya Upmanyu’s story True Blue is about a foreign ancestor, while Apoorva Ojha has beautifully narrated the story, Profit of Deceit, and brought home the proverb — what you reap is what you sow. Nihal Singh’s story Black, White and Grey revolves around the confrontation of a hardline atheist with a man committed to his faith, while Maitreya Kumar’s story, The Indian and the Rider, has jolted a saint out of his spiritual environment and shaken his belief until he comes face-to-face with an eccentric man.

Vipul Kumar’s story, From Ground up Again, explores subtle yet complex paradoxes of life, while Jaivardhan Singh’s story, Mine?, is an interrogative yet eloquent narration of a forgotten hope which is renewed. Soumya Tantia’s Mathematician and the Ingrown Nail deals with the complexes of a mathematician’s life and Light in the Darkest Hour by Aniket Rajnish is about rocket science discovers his own centre of gravity.

“Reading and thinking are my hobbies. Before hitting the notebook with a pen, I gave a long thought on how I was going to combine the words to form a unique story. I hope my story stays on your mind long after you read,” said Adya Upmanyu, a student of DPS, Patna. “Books are my best friends. Whenever I got time, I read books, while my friends play. Reading inspired me to write but I lacked courage. But when I got selected for writing this book, I realised nothing is impossible,” said Apoorva Ojha.