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Thursday , July 3 , 2014
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Phone track & fast crack

In just over 12 hours on Wednesday, the men in uniform tasted success in cracking three cases of youngsters disappearing from their homes.

However, in the Kankerbagh “abduction” of 24-year-old Anshu on June 23, the police could not find the girl but arrested Dharmendra, who had an alleged affair with her and had forcibly taken her to an unknown destination.

The girl proved smarter as she allegedly had dumped Dharmendra and fled away with one Chandan. Dharmendra was arrested late on Tuesday night.

“Altogether there were three missing cases which the police were trying to solve. The first happened on June 23 involving the girl. The second was the disappearance of 14-year-old Rahul Kumar from the Kautilya Nagar area under the Airport police station area and the third involved three girls from Kalyanpur village. The last two incidents had taken place on June 30. The police have been able to solve all the three cases virtually barring the Kankerbagh one in which the girl chose to flee again with another person,” Patna senior superintendent of police Manu Maharaaj said.

The three girls were recovered by a special police team from Dhanbad railway station early on Wednesday morning.

“They had left their home due to different reasons. During questionings, one said her family was making her study in a government school against her wishes. The other said her family was putting a lot of restrictions on her and she wished to move freely. The third girl said she hated her tuition classes. All the three being friends and from the same village, they decided to leave home,” an officer at the Athmalgola police station said.

“On June 30 morning, they left for their tuitions but then went to the Mithapur bus stand from where they caught a bus for Dhanbad. Right now, the girls are not saying things clearly and also the reason behind them going to Dhanbad is unknown. The police were constantly tracking them through their cellphone tower locations and had got their location. Early on Wednesday morning, the Dhanbad GRP found these girls and got suspicious. They were detained and by that time the Patna police team had also reached and they were recovered,” the officer added.

In the case of Rahul Kumar, who had gone missing on the same day from the Kautilya Nagar locality, it was fear of mathematics and his schoolteacher.

“The boy is a student of Class VII at Ideal Public School. Once the FIR of his disappearance was lodged, the police took the matter seriously and a team started searches. The family had provided the cops his picture and the same was enlarged and teams stepped up the search. Hundreds of people in the area were shown the picture and information regarding the same was passed on to the other police stations also. Around 12 noon on Wednesday, one Umesh Rai, who lives in the same Kautilya Nagar only, saw the boy near the Khadi Gram Udyog building. He was wearing a salwaar suit and also had red colour smeared on his feet like women. Rai had been shown Rahul’s picture by the police and thus he was recognised. During initial questionings, the boy, looking terrified, said he had been thrashed by his maths teacher a day before and decided to flee. He had collected his sister’s dress and had wore the same so that he could not be recognised. The boy is frightened and shocked and the police have not questioned him much. However, the family is thinking about lodging an FIR against the teacher,” said S. Numaani, deputy superintendent of police (Sachivalaya).

However, in the abduction case of Anshu from the Indra Nagar area in Kankerbagh on June 23, matters had got complicated even after the arrest of the main accused, Maharaaj said.

“It is proving to be a strange case and now it is sure that the girl had eloped. The police had picked up Dharmendra on the basis of a tip-off around 11.30pm on Tuesday from a house in the Ram Krishna Nagar police station area. However, the girl could not be found. Dharmendra, released from jail just 10 days before the act, had abducted Anshu. Both of them were in love and Dharmendra had got the information that she was getting married to one Chandan. Before all this, Dharmendra had plotted to kill Chandan and had hired four contract killers too but all four were arrested. Dharmendra, during interrogation, said Anshu was with him until June 29. But on June 30 night, while Dharmendra was asleep, she fled. The police believe that she had hatched another plan and chose to flee with Chandan. The police are making attempts to catch her,” Maharaaj said.

In connection with the first two cases involving teenagers, psychologists said the incidents were quite sensitive. “The parents have a very important part to play. The age between 13 and 17 years is sensitive and many things come in the minds of children. The parents should always keep on talking to the children trying to know their needs and problems. Then it’s their responsibilities to solve the issues calmly and wisely. Talking to them is very essential,” said psychologist Anil Kumar.