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Wednesday , July 2 , 2014
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Mom turns loot mastermind

Savitri Devi is hardly a caregiver anymore — she has inspired her son to indulge in criminal activities.

However, Savitri’s luck ran out on Tuesday a day after her only son was caught by people and handed over to police.

Following interrogation of Bhola Padaan, around 20 years old, police detained Savitri Devi on Tuesday.

Senior officers of Patna police on Tuesday told The Telegraph that Bhola, who they had nabbed for snatching Rs 44,000 from a man on Monday. The unidentified person had taken out cash from the Punjab National Bank branch at Pandey Market under the Masauri police station area on the outskirts of the city.

The police believe Bhola is part of an active gang involved in snatchings.

“The man who has been nabbed has been identified as Bhola Padaan. He was nabbed around Monday noon when he was fleeing after snatching a bag containing Rs 44,000 from a person who had withdrawn it from the bank. Bhola had played a trick on the person. He had smeared some dirt into the shirt of the man secretly and then pointed the same saying that he should clean it up. As the man kept the bag containing the cash on the ground and started cleaning, Bhola took the bag and started to run. But he was unlucky as people in the market place saw it and they caught hold of the man and the police were soon called,” an officer at Masauri police station said.

The police said Bhola’s mother Savitri used to encourage him for committing such criminal incidents.

“Investigations have revealed that Bhola started with these kinds of incidents after getting support from his mother. At present, Bhola is part of a gang, mainly consisting of beggars, who indulge in such incidents. We have found out that he started this activity with the help of his mother. The woman used to plan a criminal incident, especially snatchings, and then ask his son to give shape to it. He had instructions from his mother to wander around the branches of different banks of the city and look out for people who enter and come out with cash. The mother also gave him tips to commit such incidents. He was taught ways to trick the victims and fool them by Savitri. This is what Bhola has told the police during interrogation. The police are questioning Savitri for her alleged role. At present, the gang zeroes in on their victim and then loots them in any secluded place. They also use sedatives to make their victims unconscious at times,” Patna senior superintendent of police Manu Maharaaj said.