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Wednesday , July 2 , 2014
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Tapas daughter apologises

Sohini Paul, an actress now based in Mumbai and Tapas Paul’s daughter, spoke to The Telegraph on her father’s speech.

I had no clue sitting in Mumbai what’s happening in Calcutta. When I saw the clipping on TV, I realised it was a mobile video which someone had taken a long time back and it’s gone viral now.

I immediately called up dad and asked what had happened. He told me that two young boys were murdered in front of their mothers and the CPM cadres killed two pregnant women. Dad was threatened that he would be killed and his family would be raped. So, he got very agitated and said whatever he said.

If I were just a citizen of India, I would have reacted the way people are reacting but I am also his daughter. Having said that, I don’t in any way endorse what my dad has said. In fact, I have never been to Krishnagar before and you may have noticed that I have never, ever campaigned for him. I don’t do such things because I know his work will speak for him and it did because he won the elections.

It’s very unfortunate for our family and I am getting to hear all kinds of things about my dad, which really hurts me. People are questioning him and saying that he is a bad father. That really hurts me because, all said and done, I am his only biological daughter and I give him full marks as my dad — there’s no doubt about that.

But I apologise for whatever he has said. Whatever the circumstances were, he should not have lost his cool and said whatever he said. But maybe he, too, was worried about us because the CPM cadres had threatened dad that we would be raped. Anyway, I apologise once again. The entire thing is very unfortunate.

There has been provocation and that’s why he said that. People know only half the truth. But definitely what dad has said is not acceptable. As a family we’ve taken all his compliments and similarly we are ready to take the brickbats too. We stand by each other and hopefully this too shall pass.