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Tuesday , July 1 , 2014

At the receiving end

we do not yet know how his policies will shape up, how his two avatars — the messiah of growth and the man of the masses — will adapt to each other. My concern is with the way a certain economic model, advanced by its powerful clientele, has fired the Indian middle class and now, it seems, penetrat...   | Read..
Letters to the Editor
Burning questions
Sir — The recent accident of the Rajdhani Express near Chhapra in north Bihar has proved that the r ...  | Read.. 
Wasted year
Sir — The University Grants Commission has ordered Delhi University to roll back the four-year unde ...  | Read.. 


Life is bound to be rather unusual for those who live in “one country” but under “two systems”. When Hong Kong was returned t...   | Read..


Those who once said that health is wealth could not have gauged the depths of their own prescience. With a subtle but devasta...   | Read..
Embrace a new agenda
A new agenda for India is what we need. Within the structure that was designed for this nation state when it broke loose from...  | Read.. 
Whether anyone deserves to die
The question is doubly impenetrable. It involves death, the most tantalizingly imponderable topic that human mortals must but ...  | Read.. 
When a problem threatens to engulf you, there’s nothing like irrelevant detail to keep your head above water. — JOHN LE CARRÉ