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Tuesday , July 1 , 2014
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Sexual harass slur on ICC top gun

Calcutta, June 30: A senior official of the International Cricket Council (ICC), associated with its anti-corruption and security unit, is understood to have “sexually harassed” the wife of a delegate in Melbourne last Thursday.

The identities of the senior official and the delegate, who is from an Asian country, are not being revealed as the ICC has neither showcaused the offender nor instituted an internal probe.

Not till Monday evening, at least.

According to top sources of The Telegraph, the incident occurred during the ICC’s annual conference dinner, at the iconic MCG. Specifically, in the members’ dining area.

Ironically, India’s Narayanswamy Srinivasan was confirmed as the ICC’s first chairman in its latest avatar that very day.

On an entirely different issue, Srinivasan is himself being investigated by a panel constituted by the Supreme Court. Yet, he’s heading the ICC.

It’s not clear what happened first: whether the delegate noticed the act of “sexual harassment” or his wife protested publicly.

What’s clear is that the senior official was caught by his collar and would have been punched by the delegate but for the intervention of some guests who were in the vicinity.

At least two other senior officials of the ICC then came into the picture and made the offender “unconditionally apologise” to the delegate.

That was done.

Apparently, the incensed delegate’s feet were also touched by the offender.

It couldn’t be confirmed, but the two other senior officials of the ICC seem to have “requested” the delegate not to escalate the matter.

So far, the delegate has only spoken about the incident to those he trusts the most.

As shocking as the incident itself is that the ICC, which is obliged to keep the game (and everything around it) clean, has brushed it under the proverbial carpet.

Surely, an unconditional apology from a senior official, for an act of sexual harassment, can’t be enough.

“What’s the message being sent out, when a senior official with the anti-corruption and security unit shows such loose morals? Why has he not been suspended pending inquiry? That would have been par for the course,” somebody associated with the ICC said.

Clearly, the ICC has answering to do.

A lack of action, so far, only confirms the rather universal belief: that the ICC is actually no more than a select club where one is out to protect the other.

Belatedly, at least, one expects Srinivasan to act. He has the powers.