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Monday , June 30 , 2014

Martyr to the cause

I cannot quite remember precisely when I first met Sonali Sen Roy, it could be in 1950 or the next year. I was a young lecturer at the Lucknow University; Sonali was still in Santiniketan, pursuing a course probably at Kala Bhavan. Sonali’s father, a practising physician, had an extensive clientele ...   | Read..
Letters to the Editor
Swiss succour
Sir — The Swiss authorities have finally shown some willingness to cooperate with India on the issu ...  | Read.. 
Rotten state
Sir — It is disturbing to witness the decay and collapse of the education system in Bengal (“Cash f ...  | Read.. 


The people of India must have been dying to be told what their culture is, or they would never have voted the Bharatiya Janat...   | Read..


the experimental study of collectively produced emotions on a social networking site. Facebook’s Core Data Science Team has ...   | Read..
Become major, Paul. Live like a hero. That’s what the classics teach us. Be a main character. Otherwise what is life for ? — J.M. COETZEE