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Monday , June 30 , 2014
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Capital crawl’s a constant paradox

- How clearing one road chokes another

Call it ripple effect. When Ranchi’s men in uniform were huffing and puffing to decongest the busy MG Road, better known as Main Road, on Saturday afternoon as acting chief secretary Sajal Chakraborty and traffic SP Rajeev Ranjan Singh did a recce, they inadvertently left several other city arteries choked.

Saturday was no exception. This is exactly what happens on any given day in the capital. If one road is cleared, others get clogged owing to lack of proper planning.

When the two senior officials were on inspection, traffic personnel on some of the major thoroughfares like Circular Road, Lalpur, Main Road, Kantatoli Chowk were on their toes to keep the arteries free of snarls.

Retired schoolteacher Anant Choudhary had a harrowing experience while trying to negotiate East Jail Road on his two-wheeler to reach Udhav Babu Lane in Tharpakhna.

Choudhary found himself stuck in a traffic jam around 1pm and reached his destination several minutes late. It was the same time when traffic police were busy easing vehicular flow on Circular Road and Main Road.

Around the same time, Kishore Upadhyay, a resident of Karbala Tank Road, found himself caught in a major snarls on JJ Road near Jain Temple. Riding his two-wheeler, Upadhyay had gone to see a relative at Seva Sadan in Upper Bazaar.

“When I was on my way to visit a relative, I could have easily entered through a tertiary road near Malha Toli opposite the gurdwara, but traffic police did not allow me. They said I could take a turn only from Central Street. I did so and had to travel a greater distance. I do not mind driving a few kilometres more provided there are no snarls. What the policemen did was that they kept the Main Road free, but in turn, congested other bylanes,” said Upadhyay.

Traffic SP Singh admitted that it was almost next to impossible keep all roads snarl-free. “We have found that all main arteries do not remain snarl-free. If one road is cleared, others get congested,” he added helplessly.

Asked what remedial steps have been taken, Singh said he had recently ordered to close all the unauthorised diversions from Main Road and other important thoroughfares like Harmu Bypass.

Nailing the main reason for jams, he said: “Sudden U-turns cause snarls. We are trying to sort out these issues that create difficulty on roads. We are in the process of streamlining traffic,” he said.

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