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Monday , June 30 , 2014
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One patient, two visitors

- BJP by day, moon moon by evening
Moon Moon Sen beside Mondal’s bed at the hospital. Picture by Sujata Khan

Calcutta, June 29: Kartik Mondal had both Trinamul MP Moon Moon Sen and BJP leader Samik Bhattacharya visiting him at hospital today.

The actor-turned-Trinamul MP, who was in her constituency for the first time since the Lok Sabha poll results, visited Bankura Sammelani Medical College and Hospital this evening and spoke to party supporters injured in a clash.

Mondal, who was one of the victims of yesterday’s clash, said he was a Trinamul supporter but was disgruntled with the party and had been hobnobbing with the BJP recently.

Four hours earlier around 1pm, Mondal was visited by a BJP delegation led by state general secretary Bhattacharya. The delegation said they had come to see “party workers” injured in the clash.

At least 12 residents of Munyadihi village, 15km from Bankura town, and nearby areas were injured yesterday and admitted to the hospital after clashes between supporters of the BJP and Trinamul.

The BJP claimed that their supporters were attacked because they switched over from Trinamul.

Police said rods, choppers and other weapons were used in the clash.

“In all, six persons have been arrested so far,” said Mukesh Kumar, Bankura superintendent of police.

Moon Moon arrived in Bankura in the afternoon and visited the hospital to see the injured around 5pm. She was accompanied by Bankura zilla parishad sabhadhipati Arup Chakraborty.

Mondal, 35, had suffered a head injury and was given several stitches on the scalp.

Before Moon Moon’s visit, Mondal had told reporters: “I felt I had been sidelined in Trinamul. I had met a few BJP leaders from our village over the past few days. I may have been attacked because of this,” he said.

He could not be contacted after the Trinamul MP’s visit.

Moon Moon today visited all those injured in yesterday’s violence. “He (Mondal) told us that he has been a Trinamul supporter for a long time.”

“I had gone to the hospital to meet all those who were injured, irrespective of what affiliation they might have. We distributed Horlicks and biscuits among them,” she added.

Moon Moon said she learnt from local Trinamul leaders that a BJP team had visited the hospital a few hours earlier.

“I was told that a BJP team had come before us. They had entered the wards with their party flags. One of the victims with a bandage on his head, I think his name is Kartik, told us that he has been with our party for long,” she said, asked about Mondal whom the BJP claimed as belonging to the party.

Samik Bhattacharya, who led the BJP team to the hospital, said “Kartik Mondal, like the six other villagers, was attacked because he had joined the BJP after being disgruntled with Trinamul.”

He added: “Since the Lok Sabha polls, I feel that the incident in Bankura yesterday was one of the worst attacks by ruling party workers on our supporters.”