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Saturday , June 28 , 2014

Kiev inks trade pact with EU

Seven months after Ukraine’s former President Viktor Yanukovich rejected a sweeping trade deal with the EU and set off protests that drove him from power, Ukraine’s new leader today accepted the pact, which Russia has bitterly opposed as a threat to its own economic and strategic in...   | Read..

Cleric calls for new PM

The most influential Shia cleric in Iraq called on the country’s leaders today to choose a Prime Minister within the next four days, a dramatic political intervention t...   | Read..

Russia rocket launch aborted

Russia was forced to abandon today’s debut launch of its first new space rocket since the Soviet era when the Angara booster cut out during a final countdown watched by...   | Read..
President Obama is introduced by Rebekah Erler before he speaks about the economy at the Lake Harriet Band Shell in Minneapolis on Friday. Earlier, ...  | Read
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Nepal PM to undergo therapy for lung cancer

Nepal’s Prime Minister Sushil Koirala will undergo a course of radiotherapy in New York after...   | Read..

Begin Again Keira in her first singing role

British actress Keira Knightley, known for playing tragic heroines in period dramas, strayed into n...   | Read..