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Wednesday , June 25 , 2014
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Biker assaults cabbie

A biker allegedly assaulted a taxi driver and shoved one of the passengers after the driver refused to allow him passage at a signal near Park Circus No. 4 bridge that had turned red.

When the passengers approached a traffic constable for help, he allegedly refused to intervene and instead asked the passengers to handle the situation themselves.

The incident happened around 8pm on Monday at the Park Circus connector-Darga Road crossing, a stone’s throw from Topsia police station and the East Traffic Guard. Subhankar Ghosh, a passenger in the taxi, lodged a complaint on Tuesday on the Facebook page of Calcutta police’s traffic department, mentioning the bike’s registration number (WB 07 C 4088).

According to the complaint, Ghosh, a businessman and resident of Sodepur, and his two employees had boarded the taxi on Lenin Sarani, near Esplanade, and were heading towards Kasba. Ghosh has two offices, on Lenin Sarani and in Kasba.

“When our taxi stopped at a traffic signal on Darga Road, near No. 4 bridge, the biker vroomed out of an alley and began honking as he wanted our taxi to allow him to pass. The taxi driver didn’t move the vehicle as he would have had to cross the stop line to allow the biker to pass. When the signal turned green after close to a minute, the biker immediately zoomed ahead to block the path of our taxi, got off his bike and pulled out the driver from the car,” said Ghosh.

The youth in his early 30s was allegedly not wearing a helmet and began punching the driver. “When one of my colleagues tried to intervene, the biker pushed him back and threatened to set the taxi on fire for not allowing him to pass,” Ghosh said.

Several vehicles had by then stood in a queue behind the taxi. Ghosh said he rushed to a traffic constable standing nearby and narrated the incident to him.

“The cop noted the bike’s number but refused to intervene. He asked me to beat back the biker since he was alone and we were three. He even said it was difficult to act against rogue bikers,” said Ghosh.

Seeing Ghosh approach a cop,the biker made a call and three other bikers soon reached the spot. “The gang started abusing us. The driver was bleeding from his forehead. I asked him to head to a police station but the bikers were chasing us,” Ghosh said.

It was when the taxi reached the Topsia end of No. 4 bridge that the bikers overtook it, abusing the driver on the way, the complainant said.

V. Solomon Nessakumar, deputy commissioner, traffic, said he would look into the complaint and take necessary action. “I have not been able to check the complaint yet. But if the allegations are true, action would be taken against the biker as well as the policeman who had refused to help the passengers,” said Nessakumar.