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Tuesday , June 24 , 2014
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Heart surgery with quick recovery makes debut

- Minimally invasive cardiac procedure performed on two patients at Paras HMRI Hospital

The Paras HMRI Hospital on Monday launched minimally invasive cardiac surgery, a facility unavailable to people in Patna till now.

Doctors at the private hospital performed the surgery on two residents with holes in their hearts as well.

Dr Ravishankar Singh, the general manager of Paras HMRI Hospital, said: “At Paras HMRI, one would have to pay around Rs 2 lakh for this facility. In other states, the operation costs something around Rs 3 lakh to Rs 3.5 lakh.”

It is a heart surgery performed through several small incisions and has a faster healing time.

Dr Singh added that hospital director S.K. Sinha performed the surgery on residents Manoj Kumar and Praveen Kumar. Assisting him were his team, including Arvind Goyel, Deepak and Rahul.

On the benefits of minimally invasive cardiac surgery, he said: “In normal surgeries, we make 10-12 inch incisions through the sternum bone. In an open-heart surgery, we follow this procedure. But in minimally invasive cardiac surgery, one only has to make a two-inch incision between the ribs of the chest.”

He added: “This procedure is less painful and the patient’s wounds heal fast. The patient can be released only after three days of the procedure and can work according to his/her usual routine.”

Dr S.K. Sinha, who performed the surgeries on Monday, said minimally invasive cardiac surgery took off in India a few years ago but it was not popular because of the lack of expert doctors.

“The best thing about this surgery is you don’t see signs of the operation on a patient’s body after the procedure. A very small incision is made in this procedure. In short, in the minimally invasive heart surgery, surgeons take steps to decrease trauma to the body and speed up the recovery process by making smaller incisions. Another advantage of this procedure is there is very little bleeding after the surgery,” Dr Sinha said.

He added: “One of the factors that decides if a patient is apt for an minimally invasive cardiac surgery is his/her weight and age. The presence of other illnesses such as lung diseases should also be taken care of before going for a minimal invasive heart surgery. Our hospital wants to launch treatments that can ensure short stay of the patient as well as fast recovery.”

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