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Friday , June 20 , 2014

300 US advisers for Iraq

President Obama said today that the US will deploy up to 300 military advisers to Iraq to help its beleaguered security forces fend off Sunni militants, edging the US back into a conflict that Obama thought he had left behind....   | Read..

World ends after Facebook fails

The world came to an end today for about 30 minutes, at least on Facebook....   | Read..

Buy what you see with Amazon Fire’s new cellphone seeks to offer shoppers instant gratification by recognising thousands of products, TV shows and songs and allowing users to immediately buy ...   | Read..

Ford surgery on broken leg

Actor Harrison Ford has undergone surgery on his broken left leg that was injured in an accident on the set of Star Wars: Episode VII, the publicist for the 71-year-ol...   | Read..
Iraqi motorists wait for fuel in Kirkuk as a battle rages in Baiji over control of the oil refinery. (AFP)
300 US advisers for Iraq
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