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Friday , June 20 , 2014
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Verbal duel in bypoll queue

Patna, June 19: The political bitterness between one-time allies — the JDU and the BJP — was reflected during the voting for the Rajya Sabha bypoll.

BJP’s Ramnagar MLA Bhagirathi Devi and JDU MLA Manju Verma from Cheriya Bariyarpur Assembly in Begusarai had a long spat while standing in a queue to cast their votes.

As soon as Bhagirathi entered the queue with a few dissident MLAs to cast her vote, the JDU MLA started shouting. “Your vote is not going to help and it will hardly make any difference to our candidates. You are losers and have cheated the party. The BJP members who have promised to help will not bring any relief to you either. You are not doing politics based on ideology,” Verma said.

The dissident MLAs, including Niraj Kumar Bablu, Rahul Sharma, Sanjay Kumar and Rahul Sharma, chose not to reciprocate. However, Bhagirathi, who was standing behind the dissident MLAs, couldn’t control and started shouting at Verma in Bhojpuri. “You people have joined hands with the person (read Lalu Prasad) who had brought jungle raj in Bihar. Once again a similar situation will return. Don’t you feel ashamed that you have asked support from a party under which the people of the state lived under fear?”

Shouting at the top of her voice she said: “Which ideology are you talking about after joining hands with Lalu? How will you show your face to the people of the state?”

To this, Verma replied: “The jungle raj will never return. Laluji is a changed person now. You should be ashamed for aligning with Ram Vilas Paswan who always abused the BJP.”

BJP leader and chairman of Bihar Legislative Council Awadhesh Narayan Singh, finally pacified the two leaders.

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