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Tuesday , June 17 , 2014
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NSCN-K faces flak over ‘sovereignty’

Kohima, June 16: Naga leaders in Myanmar have severely criticised the NSCN (Khaplang)’s demand for sovereignty of Nagaland, comprising the Naga-inhabited areas of India and Myanmar. The outfit, however, is sticking to its stand.

Myanmarese Naga leaders said the NSCN (K) was fooling people in the name of sovereignty and argued that the Naga outfit’s high rhetoric was only a propaganda as most of its functionaries were now engaged in business ventures, indicating that they were after wealth and money and not the cause.

Three Naga MPs from Myanmar, Hla Tun from Khamti, Myat Ko from Naga self-administered zone and Zing Wam from Nanyoung, asked in a statement: “The question is what is their destination? Do they believe in what they do? Are they trying to buy sovereignty?”

The MPs asked the NSCN (K) to let Myanmar Nagas decide their own future. “Myanmar Nagas would like to ask the NSCN (K) to give peace and development a chance,” the statement added.

The MPs blamed the Naga national movement for the backwardness of Naga areas in Myanmar. Nagas mostly live in Sagaing division in the neighbouring country.

“Today we find ourselves thousands of miles short of the global community because of the wrong doctrine taught by those leaders — to refuse education and any kind of help from the Myanmar government,” the statement said.

They said even after 60 years in the wilderness, Naga militant leaders still shout sovereignty, something they themselves no longer believe in, and added that militants could no more fool the Myanmar Nagas. “Shouting for sovereignty is nothing but something like a child crying for the moon,” the statement said.

The Naga MPs said thousands had lost their lives in more than 60 years of futile struggle and the Myanmar Nagas have had enough of it, they now wanted development. But they stressed that Nagas, wherever they lived, would remain brothers.

The NSCN (K), however, stressed that sovereignty was its goal. “Our stand on sovereignty will remain unchanged,” said Sangso Mongzar, NSCN (K) information and publicity secretary.

He said the outfit would continue to pursue a solution, which would be nothing short of sovereignty, that they have withstood all odds for more then 60 years for sovereignty and would remain undeterred on their principle.