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Saturday , June 14 , 2014
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It’s now or never

In much of Argentina, where Lionel Messi lived until he was 13, native speakers replace the “y” sound with a “sh” sound. Yo, the personal pronoun for “I,” becomes “sho”, and “calle”, which other Spanish speakers would pronounce “ka-ya...   | Read..


Alia Bhatt, largely tipped off as Bollywood’s next big thing, made her way into the fashion pages...   | Read..

A fantastically silly biopic that wastes nicole kidman’s talent

These are thin times for fans of Australian actresses playing European royalty. Less than a year after the release of Naomi W...   | Read..

When the film flies, it soars

Is it time to retire the phrase “It’s like a video game” as a blanket negative term in film reviewing? As i...   | Read..

Suman Ghosh’s peace haven

Congratulations on your script Peace Haven being selected for Busan International Film Festival’s Asian Cinem...   | Read..


The sunset anthems pre-party was a sneak peek of the june 22 finale...   | Read..


Brazilian dishes like Bauru (a Brazilian sandwich made of cheese, slices of roast beef,...   | Read..


Entertainment. Drunky friends can be extremely entertaining with their antics. You can be the quiet observer, making mental n...   | Read..

Ugly Fugly

In Hollywood they have The Black List where they put together the best unproduced screenplays....   | Read..
It’s now or never