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Friday , June 13 , 2014


True friend

If the going gets tough,

And the seas get rough and if you fall…I’ll pick you up.

Because you’re the rain,

And I am the sea. The more you fall, you rise with me.

You are the rain. I am the sea. The more you fall, you rise with me. One day, when we win this fight and clouds give way to light.

That day when…You’ll be shining high and bright.

You’ll be the sun, but

I’ll still be the sea.

The more you'll shine, you'll reflect within me, you are the sun, I am the sea More you shine, you

reflect within me.

Ya sometimes I mess up,and can’t fix my mistake. But I only have one friend, they are too hard to make!

I am happy… A true one is better than a thousand fake The closer you come, higher I want to be, You are the rain, I am the sea I make you and you make me.

Arnav ‘barbaad’

Class XII

DPS Patna


Pragya Sinha

Class- XII

Notre Dame Academy

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