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Thursday , June 12 , 2014
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On lips: New beginning for journey backward
- People feel Nitish’s reign was good for all-round development of state

Residents in the city have become used to good things with good governance. Ever since Nitish Kumar came to power, the citizens witnessed a sea change in the law and order situation, roads, implementation of new projects and opening of new facilities. Things, however, appear to have become uncertain ever since Nitish demitted the office. With JDU facing rebellion, the fate of Jitan Ram Manjhi government too appears to be uncertain and residents have become worried due to this political uncertainty. The Telegraph speaks to a cross-section of people to gauge their mood in wake of the political instability in Bihar.

Rajiv Ranjan Prasad
60, Doctor and IMA state president

Definitely change in guard in the government has brought down the confidence level of the government official. Due to rapid political changes at the highest level, people have become apprehensive whether the slogan of good governance will sustain or not. It is like wait and watch time, as this is the same government with same priority and agenda. What remains to be seen is whether the efficiency level remains the same, which was at the time of Nitish as chief minister

Nawal Kishore Choudhary
64, Professor and dean, faculty of social sciences, Patna University

Change of guard at the highest level has not only had bad impact on good governance but also on economics. The development projects are likely to be delayed, as the scarce financial resources may not be properly utilised. The state is losing on development front. There is visible governance deficit as well as development deficit. The present dispensation should get a fresh mandate. Elections should have been held when the JDU parted ways with the BJP but as it did not happen, the government should have gone for election when Nitish resigned from the post. At both the times, all political propriety and democratic norms were sidelined. The law and order, which had already declined during the second term of Nitish, is on further deterioration

Baleshwar Sharma
70, Former president, Bihar State Bar Council

The present dispensation is an arrangement wherein a titular head is leading the government. Neither the government has any programme and political will nor it has any grip over its own machinery. This has led to situation where people have started feeling insecure as an atmosphere of sweet will has sneaked in day-to-day affairs. This will increase with the time in the absence of any political ideology or administrative policy


Tejaswi Nandan
29, Medical student

The present government is more interested in saving its own skin than serving the people. After Nitish parted ways with the BJP in 2013, this trend is more profoundly evident. Even so, till Nitish was the chief minister, one thought things will improve which has already started deteriorating after withdrawal of support by the BJP. But with his resignation and installation of a puppet chief minister, it has now become clear that the government is more interested in managing its own house rather than delivering good to the people. Recent spurt in crime is an indicator that all is not well in the state

30, Homemaker

Though it’s very early to say how the present government will fare, one hopes the good work carried out by Nitish continues under the leadership of Manjhi. However, one thing of concern is the of crime graph in the city. When Nitish was at the helm of affairs, law and order in the state, particularly in Patna, was slightly better than today. We have been witnessing rise in crime since the election time. If the present dispensation fails to rein in the increase in crime at the earliest, all the good work done so far by the government will go in vain

Satyajit Kumar
45, Industrialist

All the good work done in the state during 2005-13 is slowly getting eroded. Till Nitish was at the helm of affairs it was fine, but after he resigned taking responsibility of the poll debacle in the Lok Sabha election problems started creeping in be it on the front of law and order, development or investment. Nitish resigning on flimsy ground and passing on reign to a non-entity brought in political instability in the state. Bihar is again lurking back to anarchy as people have started losing confidence in the state machinery. The rise in crime is a worrisome factor as safety and security is the first thing necessary for investment and development. What state needs is fresh election as there is no need of such a government whose functioning at every hierarchy is appearing to be cracking

Ravi Kumar
32, Shop owner

The market is not as expected rather it’s dull. When I opened my shop last year, the situation was good as the sale was brisk. But in the last couple of months, the sale has gown down considerably much to the feeling of insecurity among the people in general as to what will happen next. This has had an adverse impact on the investment as well as on development front the slackness is clearly visible

Compiled by Nishant Sinha
Pictures by Ashok Sinha