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Wednesday , June 11 , 2014
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Constables fired for ‘stealing’ PM’s guavas

Lahore, June 10 (PTI): Two constables on duty at Pakistan Prime Minister Nawaz Sharif’s residence here have been sacked for allegedly stealing guavas from the Prime Minister’s garden.

Abid and Saifullah were dismissed from service after being found guilty of stealing guavas, Lahore police sources said.

The officer in-charge of security at Sharif’s residence caught both constables plucking guavas from the “forbidden tree” at the prime Minister’s Jati Umra residence in Raiwind on Lahore’s outskirts.

The constables were reprimanded and a complaint filed against them with the police authorities.

However, the Lahore police spokesman denied that the constables were fired.

Earlier this year, 27 policemen deployed at Sharif’s residence were suspended from service after some peacocks were killed by a cat.

“The policemen were punished for failing to stop the cat from killing the peacocks. The cops deployed to guard the birds were found asleep when the cat killed the peacocks,” the inquiry into the incident said. Sharif’s farmhouse is spread over 400 acres and more than 2,000 policemen are deployed to provide security.