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Friday , June 6 , 2014
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Move to resolve college row

Guwahati, June 5: Four associations of college principals, teachers, librarians and employees today condemned the clashes taking place in different colleges in Assam and resolved to settle the disputes through discussions.

Members of the co-ordinating committee of All Assam College Teachers’ Association, All Assam College Principals’ Council, All Assam College Employees’ Association and All Assam College Librarian Association decided to visit the colleges in the state where clashes between principals, faculty members and other employees have been witnessed and to solve the situation amicably through discussions.

The members cited the recent altercation between the principal and teachers of Gauhati Commerce College that left students and guardians wondering about the education environment of the reputed college.

“Clashes and arguments between principals, faculty members and other staff of colleges are not uncommon. A number of such differences have come to light in different colleges. The recent altercation that took place between teachers and the principal of Gauhati Commerce College is condemnable. Such incidents have a bad effect on the mindset of students and also spoil the atmosphere of learning in an educational institution,” said Jyoti Kamal Hazarika, the general secretary of the All-Assam College Teachers’ Association and convener of the co-ordinating committee of the four organisations.

He said while differences of opinion among teachers and other employees of an educational institution may occur, it should be sorted out through discussions.

“The members of the co-ordinating committee will soon visit all such colleges in the state where differences have occurred among teachers and other staff members. As our co-ordinating committee comprises principals, teachers, librarians and other employees, we are sure that we will be able to discuss and reach a solution to their problems,” Hazarika said.

The opinion of everyone should be considered so that no one feels left out,” he added.

Moirabari College in Nagaon and Nabajyoti College in Kalgasia in Nagaon are a few colleges where disputes have arisen.