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Friday , June 6 , 2014
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A talk on saving forests

A forester and a miner are believed to be professional antagonists, but both are supposed to protect forests.

While the former restores degraded forests, the latter creates new ones to compensate for green cover lost in mining exercises.

Director of Dehradun-based Forest Research Institute P.P. Bhojvaid shared interesting insights such as these while addressing employees of Central Mines Planning and Design Institute (CMPDI) in Ranchi on Thursday.

CMPDI had invited Bhojvaid to deliver a lecture on forests and environment at Mayuri auditorium to mark World Environment Day.

Bhojvaid said there were three more reasons behind environmental degradation. Migration of people from rural belts to urban areas was one of them, he added.

“If 85 per cent of our population lived in rural areas half a century ago, only about 52 per cent inhabit villages now,” revealed the forest expert.

He further said population growth had adversely affected the environment. Bhojvaid went on to say that poverty was the third reason behind environmental degradation.

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