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Knee gift for woman

Praveen Siddiqui, a 45-year-old Delhi schoolteacher who had been bound to a wheelchair for the past seven years because of rheumatoid arthritis, had lost all hopes of ever standing up on her feet when doctors in her city said that surgery could not straighten her bent knees.

But today, Siddiqui is not only able to stand, but also walk, thanks to a Ranchi nursing and its head.

Siddiqui, whose sister lives in Ranchi, came all the way from the national capital to undergo treatment at doctor S.N. Yadav’s Maa Ram Pyari Ortho Centre at Karamtoli.

She underwent a total knee replacement surgery on both her legs, performed by Yadav himself, on May 20. She started walking with the help of a walker within three days.

“When a knee bone is bent up to 90 degrees, it is very difficult to assure 180 degree straightening even through surgery. Siddiqui has been suffering from rheumatoid arthritis for 20 years,” Yadav said on Thursday.

Siddiqui could not thank the doctor enough.

“My Delhi doctors could not assure me that my knees could be straightened through surgery. Dr Yadav was the first to say it was possible. With his confidence, I was able to say yes for this operation,” said the teacher of Sonia International School, New Delhi.

The cost of the operation was approximately Rs 3 lakh (excluding medicine and hospitalisation charges).

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