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Wednesday , June 4 , 2014
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I had expected a bigger role than that of a cheerleader: Prosenjit

Actor Prosenjit shook a leg at Eden on Tuesday but said later that he was “slightly disappointed”. In an account, Prosenjit explains why he felt so.

I was the only senior actor from Tollywood at Eden to cheer for KKR. I was very happy initially, especially when Ushadi (Uthup) was singing one foot-tapping number after another. I couldn’t hold myself back and even shook a leg with my colleagues.

But I was slightly disappointed as I had no role to play. I was told that I would give away gifts to the KKR captain but no such announcements were made. I am a senior actor and all those present from Tollywood at Eden were my junior colleagues.

I couldn’t be doing what they did for those few hours, nah? I had expected to be given a special role. For two hours inside the stadium I had nothing to do.

I have nothing against KKR. In fact, this year they played really well. I cancelled the shooting of my home production Force only because Juhi (Chawla), a dear friend of mine, invited me and requested me to join the celebration.

Juhi has always been very kind. She even attended the premiere of my film Jaatishwar in Mumbai and had requested me personally to go to Eden.

I meet Shah Rukh often and he is a very good human being. All I want to say is that I felt a little sad because when I go somewhere, I obviously expect to do something, which adds some meaning to the event. Otherwise why should someone invite a senior actor like me over?

I had expected that being a senior actor and having contributed to Tollywood for over 30 years, I would be given an important role other than just cheering the Knights. When a senior actor is invited to a celebration like this, isn’t it obvious that he should be given a proper role to play? That’s why I left before the celebration ended.

However, what really moved me is how we Calcuttans are mad when it comes to sports. People were cheering loudly, going berserk inside the stadium and waiting patiently for Shah Rukh Khan in the hot and humid weather. People thronged the stadium since morning, I heard.

They were not even allowed to carry water bottles inside. But this is the undying spirit of we the people of Calcutta.

We are mad, crazy and we can show love like nobody else can! Our love for sports and culture is so genuine…. I salute this spirit of Calcuttans.