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Wednesday , June 4 , 2014
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This time and that time at Eden

Was this year’s felicitation of the victorious Knights at the Eden Gardens different from, or similar to, that of 2012? Metro takes a look.


2014: A four-hour ceremony but SRK was there only in the last hour. He walked in silently and stood in line with the players before a victory lap around the stadium, blowing kisses, kneeling down, offering his salaam to the supporters in the galleries. The spontaneity was missing.

2012: A four-hour affair with a spirited SRK ruling the show for three hours. The Bolly Badshah pranced his way into the stadium, danced the dhunuchi naach before a spirited victory lap. He climbed up a steel grid, Spiderman-style. He was unstoppable as he turned the party into a blockbuster.


2014: The stage was crowded but barren. Apart from Prosenjit, most of the stars were missing. Jeet, Dev and Rituparna Sengupta, the ones who added zing to the 2012 celebrations, weren’t there. Mamata Banerjee’s Tolly and telly starlets struggled to inch closer to King Khan at every opportunity. Shah Rukh climbed on stage after a prod from Mamata.

2012: Confetti of stars on the stage, including KKR players, Mamata and governor M.K. Narayanan. SRK held on to Mamata’s hand all through, taking her to the left and then to the right, dancing and urging her to follow him.


2014: It took a little prodding from Mamata for Shah Rukh to regain his energy and climb on stage. None of the key players was there for a jig. Gautam Gambhir, Yusuf Pathan and Manish Pandey had left the stadium to catch flights.

2012: After the felicitation, SRK and the Knights promptly returned to the stage to join Team Tolly, Mamata and the ministers to break into a second round of dancing.


2014: Governor Narayanan was absent. The much-anticipated moment of SRK getting Mamata to keep her promise to either dance or sing didn’t happen.

2012: SRK and Juhi Chawla found a dance partner in not just Dev, Jeet and Rituparna but also in Mamata and governor Narayanan. SRK almost cajoled Mamata into shaking a leg with him. “Abhi sabke sab bol do Didi has to dance next time when we win it! Come on!” SRK pleaded as he danced while Mamata clapped along: “No… I can sing for you.” The promise remained a wish.


2014: SRK didn’t try to be too cosy with Mamata, apart from a few attempts to touch her feet. His trademark humour was in place, though. “Aisa chalta rahe toh Mamatadi ko ho sakta hai ki opening ke liye bhi bhej de do saal ke andar!” he teased.

2012: A doting SRK hugged Mamata and planted a peck on her forehead.

Déjà vu

Soumitra Ray of Bhoomi’s beige Tommy Bahama hat had become a sought-after accessory after its brush with King Khan’s head during the 2012 celebrations. Soumitra handed him back the headgear on Tuesday. He had taken back the hat to its rightful owner, his younger son. This time, Shah Rukh kept it as a memento.