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Musical bone in doc hands

A Spanish guitar fits naturally in Rohit Lal’s hand at night just as a stethoscope round his neck does during the day at Indira Gandhi Institute of Medical Sciences where he has formed a band with his classmates.

Rohit and his merry band of four — third-year MBBS students at the Indira Gandhi Institute of Medical Sciences — are looking forward to perform at the health cradle’s foundation day in August.

The band, which the members have not named yet, was formed three months ago. This is the first time that students at any medical college in the state have come together for such a musical operation.

Rohit, who conceptualised the band, said: “All of us (the band members) have performed independently in college programmes, but never as a band. The college’s foundation day is scheduled in August and that’s when we plan to perform together. We have performed at our hostel several times and received encouragement from our fellow boarders. We are highly motivated and rehearse whenever we get time.”

While Rohit plays the Spanish guitar, Abhishek Kumar is at the drums. Piyush Kumar plays the piano, Vivek plays the bass guitar and Gulshan Ray is on the vocals.

The band, originally, had a sixth member but that student left the group recently.

All of them are from Bihar.

On realising his dream of a band, Rohit said: “A few months ago, I gave a solo performance at the college but it did not go too well. I realised that my performance would have been better if I had the support of other instruments. I knew I had to form a band if I wanted a great performance. I bucked up and started looking for like-minded students who would want to come together in a band. That’s how I found the band members.”

The students who joined in are no less excited about the first-of-its-kind initiative in the state’s medical colleges.

Bassist Vivek Kumar, speaking on his motivation, told The Telegraph: “We, medical students, have a very busy schedule and don’t get time for ourselves. We forget about entertainment and other things. Music helps us to relax and calm down and that’s why I joined the band. The daily stress does not bring me down for my involvement in music and the band.

“When we get time at night, we practise for at least two hours. The other students staying at the hostel never complain about our jam sessions too. They enjoy our music. They also feel good and can chill after a hard day at the hospital, thanks to our music,” he added.

Piyush, the pianist in the band, said: “We might be new but all of us are very energetic. We hope to make our band popular in the state’s medical colleges.”