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Sunday , June 1 , 2014
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Landlord and tenant robbed

The kitchen window grille that the robbers broke to enter the second-floor home of Shekhar Chowdhury on Saturday. Picture by Bishwarup Dutta

Calcutta, May 31: Bansdroni resident Shyamali Chowdhury woke up early today in her first-floor bedroom after feeling somebody pulling at her gold necklace.

“It was past 2.30 in the morning and I saw two figures in the darkness. One of them was tugging at my necklace. I shouted and the duo ran towards the living room,” said Shyamali, a homemaker in her 50s.

A gang of at least three broke into a two-storey house in Bansdroni, split into two teams and took away cash, jewellery and other valuables from the homes of the landlord and his tenant.

Images captured by a CCTV camera installed in a building opposite the house near Netajinagar show three men walk away at 2.56am, two of them carrying backpacks and one with a hacksaw in his hand, police sources said.

Shyamali’s husband Shekhar, a retired bank manager who owns the house, said: “I had fallen asleep on a couch in an adjoining room while watching an old football World Cup match on TV. I was jolted out of sleep by Shyamali’s screams. I saw two men sneaking out through the kitchen window (which opens into the balcony). I ran after them but could not catch them.”

The police said the two men jumped off the first-floor balcony and fled. Shekhar said the robbers took away a portion of his wife’s gold chain that got torn when she resisted and two cellphones.

The police said the robbers had broken the kitchen window grille to enter the home of the Chowdhurys. They said another team entered the ground-floor flat of the tenant, insurance employee Nirendra Saha, by cutting through a window grille.

“My wife Joyeeta and I were sleeping in the bedroom. The AC was on and there was no way we could hear anything. When my wife went to the washroom around 2.45am, she saw that the other bedroom and the living room had been ransacked,” said Nirendra, 35.

The police said the burglars took away jewellery, cash and a laptop worth around Rs 7 lakh.

An officer at Regent Park police station said: “We will examine all the people who have access to the house. At this moment, we are not ruling out anything.”

A 70-year-old resident said the neighbourhood used to be peaceful but incidents of snatching and theft had increased recently.