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Saturday , May 31 , 2014
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Reason for my being

The reason for my being

She held my hand and taught me how to write. Now, she gives me the freedom to think And pen my own words.

She taught me how to walk And saved me from falling.

Now, she guides me and helps me choose the right path.

She took away all my worries

And changed them into joys.

Now, she gives me the strength

To turn the problems into opportunities.

She gave me moments of happiness and taught me to value them. Now, she shares my moments of elation and ensures that I stay calm in them.

She shielded me from all wrongs and gave me a beautiful paradise. Now, she teaches me to fight the evils and make my world a better place.

To her I owe, every letter that I write every syllable that I speak. Every emotion that I express, every virtue that I possess.

Natasha Agnes D’cruze
Class XII-Arts
Notre Dame Academy