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Saturday , May 31 , 2014
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Write steps to new skills

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This week’s events provided several students opportunities to pick up new skills. Apart from painting and dance at summer camps, children learnt how to improve their handwriting. Smita Kumar reports

Finger Print Play School

Event: Summer camp

Duration: Eight days

Special attraction: At the camp, the children were taught how to draw. The state’s famed Madhubani paintings, too, were shown to the budding artists. School director Heena Firdaus said the children took eager interest in the art form. Deepu Kumar, a professional artist, trained the young ones on the finer nuances of painting. Apart from painting, the kids were trained in various dance forms. The little ones were also taken for an outing to P&M Mall’s Time Zone. The evenings ended on a fun note with parties.

TEFL Play School

Event: Handwriting workshop

Duration: Seven days

Special attraction: The workshop for children from various schools dealt with handwriting. The kids were taught how to improve their handwriting and also write in their own unique manner. The principal of the school, Hema, said the students were very excited about the workshop. Hema said: “Earlier, it was said that if children practise, their handwriting would improve automatically.

However, we train kids not only to write better but also make them learn different techniques to do so.”