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Friday , May 30 , 2014
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Exam glasnost, the next step

New Delhi, May 29: The Central Board of Secondary Education (CBSE) has raised the bar on transparency, allowing Class XII students to seek revaluation on some subjects after seeing photocopies of their answer scripts.

Until now, CBSE students could scrutinise the photocopies but could not go beyond verifying whether the marks awarded for each question had been added correctly.

From this year onwards, CBSE Class XII examinees can seek a fresh valuation of their answers to up to 10 questions in subjects such as English core, functional English, English elective, Hindi core, Hindi elective, mathematics, physics, chemistry, biology, business studies, economics and accountancy.

The ISC board allows only a recheck or re-addition of marks and examinees do not get to see the copies of the answer scripts.

The Bengal higher secondary system permits revaluation or a review but that is also done without the examinee gaining access to photocopies of the scripts. A court order or an application under the right to information act is required to obtain copies of the answer sheets.

Under the CBSE, only a candidate seeking verification of marks will be eligible to apply for revaluation. The examinees, who will be given photocopies of their evaluated answer books, can decide if they want to go in for revaluation of up to 10 answers by another teacher.

For this year, applications for verification should be made online within seven days from tomorrow, and a fee of Rs 300 per subject has to be paid.

Applications for photocopies of answer papers will be accepted by the board from June 20 to 23. Requests for revaluation of theory papers should be made between June 28 and July 4.

If the revaluation throws up a variation of five marks or more in a subject, the revised assessment will be awarded. The board feels that since assessments differ from person to person, a difference of less than five marks should not be entertained.

However, if specific answers — such as those to objective questions — have been marked incorrectly, the revised figure will be granted even if the overall difference is narrower than five marks.