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Tuesday , May 27 , 2014


At 10 minutes to six, the fireball sun clipped itself behind the triple-tone dome of Rashtrapati Bhavan and a kindly umbra fell upon the heaving hubbub of the building’s forecourt: twilight, or “godhuli”, the appointed lagna for Narendra Modi’s tryst with p...   | Read..

Modi & his sweet moments with mother ‘touch’ Sharif & mother

Prime Minister Narendra Modi is yet to announce the portfolios for the ministers sworn in today but summoned a post-dinner meeting of his council apparently to finalise w...   | Read..

Eye-catchers: Ambani matriarch & Adani

Corporate representation had its pride of place, like never before, at the swearing-in of Narendra Modi as Prime Minister. ...   | Read..

Delight, dismay and demands at JNU

One group of students repeatedly raised the slogan “Modi zindabad” at the Periyar hostel of Jawaharlal Nehru University while another group held a protest at ...   | Read..

Multiple signals plus poke in eye

India’s first choreographed coronation of a Prime Minister graced by the heads of several neighbouring nations has stirred both concerns and expectations among sect...   | Read..
Sitting under a picture of her son at her home in Gandhinagar on Monday, Narendra Modi’s mother Hiraben watches him take oath as Prime Minister on TV ...  | Read

Bapu in morning, Sallu in evening

Like most things associated with Narendra Modi, his trip to Rajghat today triggered both praise...   | Read..

Ash’s exes trend on Twitter

Narendra Modi’s swearing-in had a side story few Bollywood watchers would have missed ...   | Read..

Invite for tea seller

Shahzad Ibrahimi, a doctorate from Jawaharlal Nehru University who runs a dhaba on its campus, had the “biggest happin...   | Read..

22 dead in UP train crash

At least 22 passengers were killed when a speeding express crashed into a waiting goods train from behind near Gorakhpur...   | Read..