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Tuesday , May 27 , 2014
CIMA Gallary

Police clueless on murders foul

- Bodies of women cut up & dumped to rot

Decomposed and chopped up bodies of two women have been recovered this month in Ranchi without police getting any clue to their identity or the reason behind their macabre murders.

On Sunday, police recovered the decomposed and chopped up body of a 17-year-old girl from a riverside in Bajra in Argora police station area. Cut in three pieces and stuffed in a plastic sack, the body was found clad in pink salwar and kurta.

The sack was buried in a ditch to avoid detection, a sound plan, as the body was recovered only when residents noticed a large number of stray dogs sniffing around the ditch.

The post-mortem from RIMS is awaited, but Argora police have said that based on decomposition, the girl was killed about a week ago.

On May 8, police recovered the headless and decomposed body of the 30-year-woman from a rivulet in Hethu, a village behind Birsa Munda Airport in Jagannathpur police station area. The body was nude. Post-mortem at RIMS proved the victim was raped and beheaded.

So far, as police have not been able to recover the woman’s head, she has not been identified. No clue to her killers has emerged so far.

City SP Anup Birthare admitted the fact that the bodies had not been identified.

“Efforts are on to identify the bodies,” he said.

Asked if any Jack the Ripper kind of an individual or gang is behind the murders, he said: “Prima facie, we don’t think so. Recoveries have taken place from two completely different areas.”

However, parents of missing girls in the capital have started panicking.

A man, whose daughter had gone missing since May 19 from a locality in Sukhdeonagar police station area, on Sunday rushed to Argora and Sukhdeonagar thanas and finally RIMS in a bid to recognise the recovered body of the teenager. “No, it is not her,” he heaved a sigh of relief. “My heart was in my mouth, but that is not my daughter. But, after seeing the unknown body of the girl, I will pass sleepless nights.”