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Monday , May 26 , 2014
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Unruly behaviour

A group of three cousins who had come to Calcutta to “experience the Eden atmosphere” and watch a KKR match had to miss Yusuf Pathan’s dream innings because of the behaviour of some allegedly drunk spectators in Block B. While police later threw out three spectators from the block, it could not be confirmed whether they were the ones bothering the cousins. Ajay Raj Singh, 21, narrates the experience.

We had reached the stadium at 7pm, an hour before the match. While my cousin Harshvardhan, 23, and me are from Guwahati, another cousin of mine, Geetanjali Devi Inder, is settled in Ahmedabad. The only Calcuttan in the group was my friend Kunal Singhania, 37.

We had seats in Block B. All was well till 8pm, when two men sitting next to us started jumping and blocking our view. They seemed drunk... their voices slurred and breath carried the unmistakable stench.

We did not pay them much attention initially but later realised that about 10 others around us were drunk. They were making inappropriate comments. The two next to us would often make catcalls at the players in the dugout and swear loudly every now and then.

We were feeling uncomfortable as there was a woman in our group. Finally, at 10.30pm we could bear no more and decided to leave.

Policespeak: “We drove out three spectators from Block B following verbal complaints. Seven others were warned,” said an officer. When asked about arrangements to bar intoxicated spectators from entering the stadium, Rajeev Mishra, joint commissioner of police (headquarters) said: “How can we know if a person will behave normally or not? If a person who has consumed little amount of alcohol behaves properly and shows us the ticket, we cannot restrict his entry.”