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Saturday , May 24 , 2014
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A passionate vocalist, Pandit Vinayak Torvi has got a rare combination of the Gwalior and Kirana Gharanas in his gayaki. He presented traditional ragas in an unconventional manner in a recent programme organized by Sangeet Ashram. Torvi commenced his performance with Puriya Kalyan. In his vilambit kheyal in ektaal he took time to set the atmosphere for this peaceful raga.

His vistaars manifested the resonance of the lower octave, the charm of the middle octave and the generosity of the upper octave. His simple and complicated taans were able to bring out the beauty of the raga.

His madhyalaya and drut kheyals revealed the grandeur as well as the softness of his voice. He brought the fragrance of rain to the sultry summer evening with his renditions of Raga Jaijaivanti and Miyan ki Malhar. He surprised the listeners by using shudh and komal gandhars in Jaijaivanti with some rare movements, especially in the lower octave.

Even in his drut kheyal he was able to bring together melody and power. He transformed the hidden pangs of Miyan ki Malhar into a gorgeous celebration of love, which gave the audience a chance to explore a different aspect of this quite popular raga.

The taans were powerful, the vistaars soulful. Although the presentation was brief, the artist skilfully expressed the jovial mood of Raga Hameer. Torviís powerful voice modulation enchanted his listeners. The short yet attractive performance of rarely heard Raga Adana was a gift to the audience.

He also sang a bhajan, which was a beautiful blend of several ragas ó he started with Raga Jogia and then drew bits from Kalavati, Hindol and Lalit.

The conclusion of the evening, with Raga Bhairavi, enthralled everyone in the audience. In tabla accompaniment, Ananda Gopal Bandyopadhyay was perfect.

Kaivalya Kumar Gurav, another torchbearer of the Kirana Gharana, gave an audio-visual performance in a programme in Uttam Mancha. He presented vilambit and drut kheyals in Raga Shivranjani. His vilambit kheyal brought out the traits of this doleful raga. His vistaars in three octaves were a different experience. He needed more patience to express the true mood of this raga. His drut kheyal was attractive though. His voice modulation and expressions made his performance enjoyable. The presentation of Raga Desh was good. He created the atmosphere with some exceptional renditions of the keynotes that made this popular raga different from others.