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Monday , May 19 , 2014
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MH370 heat on CIA, Boeing

Kuala Lumpur, May 18 (PTI): Former Malaysian Prime Minister Mahathir Mohamad today demanded that both Boeing and the CIA be quizzed over the missing Flight MH370 as planes with powerful communication systems “don’t just disappear”.

“Someone is hiding something. It is not fair that Malaysian Airlines (MAS) and Malaysia should take the blame,” he said in his blog.

Mahathir expressed his viewpoints and theories on the missing plane that vanished on March 8 with 239 people on board and stressed that something was out of place.

“What goes up must come down. Airplanes can go up and stay up for long periods of time. But even they must come down eventually. They can land safely or they may crash. But airplanes don’t just disappear.”

Malaysia believes the Beijing-bound Boeing plane was deliberately diverted by someone on board and that satellite data indicates it crashed in the Indian Ocean.

Stating that he believes the tracking system on the plane was intentionally disabled, Mahathir questioned where was the plane’s data, which was supposed to have been recorded by a satellite.

“MH370 is a Boeing 777 aircraft. It was built and equipped by Boeing, hence all the communications and Global Positioning System (GPS) equipment must have been installed by Boeing.

“If they failed or have been disabled, Boeing must know how it can be done and surely Boeing would ensure that they cannot be easily disabled as they are vital to the safety and operation of the plane,” he said.