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Monday , May 19 , 2014
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Post-poll decision divides residents

The huge poster of Narendra Modi at Income Tax roundabout put up on Saturday was removed on Sunday perhaps summing up the mood in the city, a day after Nitish Kumar’s resignation.

Representatives of different industry bodies seem to be divided on Nitish’s resignation. “Nitish did good work in the state during his tenure over the past eight years. I believe he should have continued and completed his second term. I think prevailing political circumstances forced him to resign but his decision would definitely create a condition of instability in the state during the next few months, which would act as an impediment to development. Trade and commerce cannot flourish with an unstable government,” said P.K. Agarwal, president, Bihar Chamber of Commerce and Industries.

However, Satyajit Singh, chairperson of the Progress Harmony Development Chamber of Commerce and Industry for Bihar, had a different opinion. “The Nitish-led government did good work only till it was in alliance with the NDA. Work in every sector got stalled after Nitish broke the alliance. So far as Nitish’s resignation is concerned, he has only two options, either to rejoin the NDA and support Modi or resign. Now, that he has chosen the second, the best thing for the state is fresh elections,” said Satyajit.

The builders’ body in the city, which has been facing tough times over the past one-and-a-half years owing to increased restrictions on construction activities, also does not seem to be sympathising with Nitish during this challenging time.

“I had a hunch that Nitish might take such a desperate step after the elections but I never thought it would happen so early. He did excellent work in the first five years when he was in alliance with NDA but could not deliver in the past three years. He is adamant and that is the reason why he broke the tie-up with the NDA. I think Bihar should get a change of leadership,” said Sachin Chandra, state chairperson, Bihar chapter, Builders’ Association of India.

“Nitish who resurrected Bihar from the shambles by reducing crime, improving governance, institutionalising reforms, and constructing roads and bridges. His worst mistake was to part ways with the NDA for which he paid badly in the Lok Sabha elections. As of now, I support his decision to resign, as he is a self-respecting politician,” said Ashok Ghosh, professor-in-charge, department of environment and water management at AN College.

Even non-resident Biharis in other parts of the country are shocked. “This is bad news for us. Nitish reinstated Bihari pride. I stayed in Bihar during the Lalu-Rabri regime as well and in no case would I like to see my state going back to those days of lawlessness and anarchy,” said Roshan Jha, a software engineer based at New Delhi at present.