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Saturday , May 17 , 2014
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A bigger result for them today

Friday’s result didn’t matter to most of them but Saturday’s would.

As Indians, political parties, poll panellists, armchair analysts, dynasty watchers and doomsayers tracked election trends through the day, a group of young people in town counted the hours to a bigger result for them.

Saturday, 3pm, is the hour of reckoning for ISC examinees who wrote their papers ahead of the poll test to elect a new government. Metro spoke to six students to find out how they spent Thursday while everyone else was following the nation’s verdict.

Apoorva Baheti

Modern High

Exam effect: “My ISC result will determine which college I go to and where I study will impact my career, so it definitely gets priority.”

Poll call: “Today’s result was predicted but you cannot predict ISC.”

Chill pill: English Premier League football. “I have downloaded recordings of Premier League matches for times like these,” Apoorva said. “Despite knowing the outcome in advance, one always discovers something new in every match.”

When football fails, she goes online. “I keep checking the CISCSE website, just in case they decide to publish the results in advance!”

Bulbul Rajagopal

La Martiniere for Girls

Exam effect: “I am career-oriented like all my peers. I need to make the cut and it’s intensely competitive…so the ISC result matters more to me (than the poll outcome). I can still contribute to the growth and development of the country as a law-abiding citizen, but if I fail to attain good grades in my exams a lot of options would close for me.”

Poll call: “I am not saying that today’s results aren’t important. I mean the victory and the loss are historic.”

Chill pill: A night out at a friend’s house. “My friend is throwing a party, so we are all going there. Company, empathy, good food and music,” Bulbul said.

Yashoroop Dey

St. James’ School

Exam effect: “I am tense about my result because it has greater implications for me and is the culmination of 14 years of my life in school. It will directly affect my career.”

Poll call: Yashoroop and his friends see the election results as “important” for the country but not so much for them in the short term. “The results will impact the nation, but at the end of the day it doesn’t touch my life immediately. I will continue to live in the same house, pay the same bills and my life as a part of the urban middle class will perhaps be negligibly affected,” he said.

Yashoroop didn’t watch any of the television bulletins and debates on the election results. “I would rather read the newspaper the next morning for analysis or do some online surfing to find out about the performances of political parties in different states.”

Chill pill: Interacted with children at the Missionaries of Charity in the morning as part of voluntary work he does for an NGO and watched Pokemon after that. “I have been watching Pokemon since childhood and I love it. I can’t sit through sitcoms and watch the usual hook-ups. Pokemon is plain and simple imagination and that’s what is enticing about it,” Yashoroop.

Avinash Steve Lakra

St. Xavier’s Collegiate School

Exam effect: Avinash hasn’t been able to relax ever since he came to know that his ISC result would be declared on Saturday. “The tension is building up because this is a result that will chart my career course. My friends have been calling me up and everybody is tense,” he said.

Poll call: “How does it matter to us who won or lost? It won’t alter my marks or decide the college I can go to.”

Chill pill: Spider-Man got priority over poll superman NaMo on Friday. “We went to watch Amazing Spider-Man 2 at South City Mall. The action in the film took the ISC result off the mind,” he said.

Rohini Mitra

La Martiniere for Girls

Exam effect: “The closer you are to the result date, higher the stress.”

Poll call: Rohini thinks the change in government wouldn’t make an immediate difference to her life, though she has been eyeing Delhi with the same focus as the BJP did. “I want to study at Delhi University but the cut-offs there are really high; so I am more bothered about making the cut rather than who is forming the government.”

Chill pill: TV and reading. “I did follow the counting trends because they were a distraction from my ISC result. I have also been reading a book by Ramachandra Guha to keep myself occupied.”

Trina Chowdhary

Pratt Memorial

Exam effect: “The prospect of my ISC result is obviously more frightening than the thought of what the election results would throw up. My marks will be my ticket to a decent college, just as victory is a ticket to Parliament for those who won the election.”

Poll call: “As a politically conscious citizen I might have a preference for a certain political party, but even if the party does not come to power the sadness will be nothing compared to the sadness that I will feel if my exam result isn’t good enough.”

Chill pill: A surprise day out in the farmhouse with my family. “I was tense since morning but my father made a plan after we woke up and invited our relatives to our farmhouse near the Basanti Highway. ‘It will help you relax,’ he told me.

The day was spent chatting with cousins and catching up on the poll results on TV,” Trina said.