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Tuesday , May 13 , 2014
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List of election malpractices in the final phase

Basirhat, North 24-Parganas

Booth Capture

Sason: 2 booths

What happened: CPM agents driven out of booths around 8am. Trinamul workers take control of booths and start pressing buttons on behalf of voters

Puturia: 2 booths

What happened: CPM agents prevented from entering booths. Several alleged Trinamul workers take control of the voting process. Voters who enter booth are intimidated

Allegation made by: Gautam Deb, CPM district secretary. “We have lodged specific complaints about these booths to the Election Commission. We have given enough evidence to prove that these booths were captured,” Deb said

Trinamul’s reaction: “The allegations are fabricated. The CPM could not engage any agents in these booths and voting was peaceful,” said Jyotipriya Mullick, state food minister and district Trinamul leader


Place: Haroa What happened: 21 villagers injured after alleged Trinamul-backed goons attack them when they are on their way to a booth to vote. All villagers are known to be CPM supporters were away from their village, Bramhanchak, for the past three years. They were brought back to their village by the district authorities two days ago

Allegation made by: Bholanath Naskar, one of the injured. “One of us suffered bullet injury and three others got splinter injuries. The Trinamul men attacked us with firearms, bombs and sharp weapons,” Naskar said

Trinamul’s reaction: “The allegation is false. All these people tried to capture the village before the polls and local people resisted it,” said Trinamul leader Jyotipriya Mullick

Dum Dum, North 24-Parganas

Booth capture

Khardah: 1 booth

What happened: CPM agents of Santosh Vidyalaya driven out of booth and Trinamul men take control of proceedings. Several outsiders enter booth and intimidate voters

Allegation made by: Subhas Mukherjee, district CPM leader. “The booth was captured by Trinamul and they intimidated voters,” Mukherjee said.

Trinamul’s reaction: “The CPM could not engage agents and voting was peaceful,” said Nirmal Banerjee, district Trinamul leader


Place: Sodepur What happened: Voter Gokul Sarkar and wife Soma injured after a group allegedly backed by Trinamul thrashes them

Allegation made by: Gokul Sarkar. “We were beaten up mercilessly by the ruling party’s workers soon after we came out of the booth after casting votes,” he said

Trinamul’s reaction: “We have no connection with the incident,” said Nirmal Ghosh, Trinamul district president

Barasat, North 24-Parganas

Place: Duttapukur

What happened: Chandan Das, a voter, beaten up allegedly by Trinamul workers when he accompanies his wife to the booth to vote

Allegation made by: Chandan Das. “I had accompanied my wife. I Don’t know why I was attacked by Trinamul workers,” Das said

Trinamul’s reaction: “We have no connection with the incident,” said Mullick

Jadavpur, South 24-Parganas

Booth Capture

Bhangar: 10 booths

What happened: CPM agents driven out of booths as soon as voting starts at 7am. Several outsiders enter booths and intimidate voters throughout the day

Allegation made by: Sujan Chakraborty, CPM district secretary and Jadavpur candidate. “All these booths were captured by Trinamul. Though we had informed the poll panel that these booths were vulnerable, nothing was done,” Chakraborty said

Trinamul’s reaction: “The party has lost its base and it could not find even a single agent in the area. The voting was peaceful,” said Arabul Islam, district Trinamul leader


Place: Bhangar

What happened: Twelve persons injured after a scuffle breaks out between Trinamul and CPM supporters over setting up a camp office near a booth

Allegation made by: CPM’s Sujan Chakraborty. “Our workers were attacked by Trinamul workers without any reason and they were beaten up mercilessly,” he said

Trinamul’s reaction: “We did not attack anybody. The CPM had attacked our party workers and at least eight of them were injured,” said Islam

Joynagar, South 24-Parganas

Booth capture

Canning: 6 booths

What happened: RSP agents prevented from entering booth early in the morning and Trinamul activists intimidated voters of the booths through the day

Allegation made by: Sujan Chakraborty, CPM district secretary. “The Trinamul threatened and prevented the agents from entering the booths. They controlled the booths and voters were intimidated,” Chakraborty said

Trinamul’s reaction: “All allegations are false… Voting was completely peaceful,” said Shakti Mondal, district Trinamul leader


Place: Canning

What happened: RSP agent Sukanta Mondal stabbed allegedly by Trinamul goons. Mondal admitted to Canning hospital in critical condition

Allegation made by: Sujan Chakraborty, district CPM leader. “This particular incident tells how peaceful the vote was,” said Chakraborty

Trinamul’s reaction: “None of our party workers was involved in any such incident,” said Shakti Mondal, district Trinamul leader


Booth capture

Keshpur: 108 booths

What happened: Since yesterday morning, Left cadres are intimidated by Trinamul activists and are told not to enter booths. Left workers, despite apprehension of insecurity, turn up to vote but are driven out by Trinamul shortly after 9am

Ghatal: 20 booths

What happened: Trinamul workers gather in front of booths early in the morning to scare away Left cadres. Opposition agents don’t turn up. Central forces were hardly seen

Daspur: 20 booths

What happened: Left and Congress polling agents are told in front of police that they should leave the booths by 8am. They obey

Debra: 5 booths

lWhat happened: Trinamul men armed with sticks seen in these booths directing voters to press the TMC button. Congress and CPI agents are told by Trinamul activists to leave. Central forces not present in adequate numbers

Pingla: 9 booths

What happened: Same operation was carried out by Trinamul in these booths. Threats are issued both inside and outside booths by Trinamul, forcing Left agents to stay away from the polling premises

Sabong: 5 booths

lWhat happened: In these booths, Congress agents were shown the door around 1pm though their Left counterparts stayed put despite mild threats


Place: Majushahi in Sabang

What happened: Sheikh Masijuddin, a CPM worker, is beaten up by Trinamul activists when he enters a booth to vote. After an altercation, he is bodily lifted and taken out and roughed up

Place: Nilot in Sabang

What happened: When Congress polling agent Narayan Parui tries to enter the booth, he is prevented and later assaulted; Balai Jana, a Congress poll agent, is also dragged out of a booth and beaten up

Allegation made by: CPI candidate Santosh Rana. “Elections were rigged in hundreds of booths in Ghatal. Our agents were not present on these premises because of Trinamul threats since yesterday.”

Trinamul’s reaction: Trinamul district president Dinen Roy rubbished the allegations. “If you don’t have organisational strength, you can only level charges. That’s what the Opposition is doing,’’ Roy said.

Contai, East Midnapore

Booth capture

Khejuri: 10 booths

What happened: Left polling agents are forced out of booths by Trinamul men. Ruling party activists surround EVM machines and cast false votes

Patashpur: 6 booths

What happened: All Opposition polling agents are threatened first, then chased out of booths by Trinamul activists from around 10am and rigging continues for about two hours

Tamluk, East Midnapore

Booth Capture

Nandigram: 136 booths

What happened: Around 9am, Trinamul men intimidate Left polling agents. Opposition agents initially refuse to yield but later leave

Haldia: 27 booths

What happened: Left polling agents made to leave booths around noon. Trinamul activists gather around booths and threaten those coming to vote. Many voters leave after being told that their votes had already been cast. Voters are also chased away by lathi-wielding ruling party activists

Moyna: 7 booths

What happened: In four of the booths, no Opposition polling agent is allowed in by Trinamul activists. In the remaining three, they are told to leave by 9am. The agents obey

Allegation made by: CPM district secretariat member Niranjan Sihi. “Largescale electoral malpractice was noticed. It happened in many booths of Tamluk and Contai where Trinamul terrorised voters.”

Trinamul’s reaction: Abu Taher, Trinamul leader said: “There was peaceful polling. Our support base is such that we don’t need to rig the elections.”

Behrampore, Murshidabad

Booth Capture

Rejinagar: 3 booths

What happened: Congress polling agents are driven out of booths for about two hours by Trinamul’s local leaders but return around 11am on the intervention of Congress candidate and PCC president Adhir Chowdhury


Place: Salar

What happened: Congress’s Kandi subdivision president Debashis Chatterjee is heckled by Trinamul activists and his car is ransacked and smashed

Allegation made by: Sahana Begum, Congress’s zilla parishad member. “Trinamul tried its best to rig the polls in certain booths. But they didn’t succeed much,” she said.

Trinamul’s reaction: Humayan Kabir, former Trinamul minister, said: “There’s no question of Trinamul rigging. Actually, Adhirbabu has become uncertain about his Behrampore seat.”