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Saturday , May 10 , 2014
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Poll app-date on the go

City Naksha

This smart app, developed by a Calcutta-based start-up, will help you locate and navigate to the nearest polling booth.

Select the “poll booths” option and type in the name of your polling station, it will show you on a map where it is located and how to get there.

If you don’t know the name of your polling station, just type in the Assembly constituency number and part number.

“Political discourse on social media is dominating the way candidates are accepted or rejected from parties. City Naksha is also playing its own, small little role in this revolution, in the way India votes today,” says Rohitesh Dutta, developer of the app.

lUseful for: Finding the way to your polling booth.

lBest feature: Locate your booth

lAvailable on: Android. Their website,, is available on every platform and performs the same functions.


Election Commission of India

Every political party’s favourite whipping boy, the Election Commission of India, has come up with an app of its own. Among the best and most useful apps, it is easy to navigate and offers a number of functions. Most important among them is that it enables you to look up your name on the electoral roll.

The app offers a host of other voter-related services and redirects you to the official website of the commission and the service you have opted for.

lUseful for: From adding your name to the voters list to transporting your name to another constituency and updating your data.

lBest feature: Locate your name before you stand in the queue.

lAvailable on: Android, iPhone.


India Politics

Among the most well-equipped apps in terms of election-related information, it offers to help you make an informed choice.

Looking for the history of a particular party or interested in checking the background of your leader? This app provides both and stores extensive videos while news stories take you to the Facebook, Wikipedia and Twitter pages of the leaders and parties in the fray.

lUseful for: History and background of leaders and parties, latest news, videos and past election results.

lBest feature: Detailed graphic presentation and information on each of the election phases.

lAvailable on: Android, iPhone.

lRelated apps: Election India and Indian Elections 2014.


Voting Line

This is a unique app that allows you to cast your vote. Virtually, of course.

If numbers, figures and data are your definition of fun and if your favourite pie is the “chart” then this is a must-have app on your phone.

One can use this app to perform an analysis of voting trends across parameters such as education, age, gender, income and religion. This is real time in nature and all the voting that is done by app-users is used to present the voting trends.

Once you download the app, it registers your mobile number and asks you to create a profile. One can check the trends on a daily basis.

lUseful for: Monitoring voting trends across the country as well as your state and constituency.

lBest feature: Cast your own virtual vote.

lAvailable on: Android, iPhone, Windows.



This one is for the tweeps. A slick app, developed by Tata Consultancy Services (TCS) in collaboration with Twitter, iElect analyses and assimilates millions of tweets to provide real-time results about what the Indian voter has to say on Twitter about the elections, about RaGa versus NaMo and even the most trending parties and politicians. It also keeps you updated on the latest viral tweets by politicians and celebrities.

India, with over 33 million Twitter users, is second only to China and ahead of the US by a neat 10 million.

lUseful for: Keeping a close watch on what’s trending on Twitter and what the tweets suggest.

lBest feature: Pictorial depiction of the most popular politicians and parties.

lAvailable on: Android, iPhone.