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Friday , May 9 , 2014
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Traffic curbs for poll

Calcutta police on Thursday announced traffic restrictions because of the Lok Sabha election. The restrictions will be enforced “as required” on Sunday, throughout Monday and on May 16. Metro lists the roads


Paddapukur Road: west to east from Sarat Bose Road

Lovelock Place: from Ballygunge Circular Road

Palit Street: west to east

Ritchie Road: north to south

Bijoygarh Main Road

Rajdanga Main Road


Vehicles (except those of the high court) passing through Auckland Road to be diverted from AIR along Government Place (West) and Strand Road

Vehicles on Mayurbhanj Road to be diverted from Bhukailash Road

Vehicles on Judges Court Road will be diverted through Alipore Road and Baker Road from the Gopalnagar crossing

Hastings Park Road will be closed to traffic

Vehicles along Hazra Road to take Rakhal Das Auddy Road

Beltala Road to be closed from Sarat Bose Road

Vehicles along Diamond Harbour Road to be diverted from Ekbalpore Road and Hastings crossings

Lord Sinha Road may be closed to traffic

Restricted traffic

Beltala Road

Belvedere Road

Hastings Park Road

Judges Court Road between Alipore Road and Kalighat bridge

Ballygunge Circular Road

Lovelock Place

Mayurbhanj Road and Bhukailash Road

DH Road from Ekbalpore crossing and Kidderpore Road from Hastings crossing

no Parking

Near Hastings House on Judges Court Road

Belvedere Road

Ballygunge Circular Road

Sarat Bose Road

Mayurbhanj Road

DH Road from Ekbalpore crossing to Kidderpore crossing

JL Nehru Road, between Shakespeare Sarani and AJC Bose Road

Rashbehari Connector (most stretches)

Camac Street

Strand Road

Trams suspended

DH Road on May 11, 12

Judges Court Road on May 11, 12 and 16