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Wednesday , May 7 , 2014
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Court signal heat on police

Patna High Court wants more traffic signals in the city for better management of vehicles but traffic police have failed to ensure successful run of the lights in operation.

On Monday, the court came down heavily on the police for not being able to manage the traffic condition in the city. It directed the government to ensure that the defunct traffic signals — mostly lined up along the Bailey Road area — are operational to ensure smooth traffic.

In 2005, electronic traffic signals were installed in 17 locations of the city for Rs 1.19 crore. All of them developed snags and went out of order within six months of installation. Last July, the traffic police restarted the signal at the busy Dakbungalow Chowk with a manual system. However, it has been more than a month that it has again stopped working.

“While the high court is directing the police to restart the city’s traffic signals, the police are not being able to ensure they work. The traffic signal, which was made functional at Dakbungalow, has gone out of order again. The electronic signal was made manual and a constable would sit at the traffic post to operate the lights. Fine for some time, a technical glitch again shut it down. The agency, which re-installed it, has been contacted and the officials would start the repair job soon. We could not concentrate on the job because of the elections. The problem, however, lies in the people’s inability to follow simple traffic rules,” a traffic officer told The Telegraph.

Asked about the glitches that stopped the signal once again, the officer could not shed any light on it.

He added: “I do not know what went wrong, but it seems there was an electrical glitch. The signal was restarted as an experiment to make the people aware of the meaning of the red, amber and green lights. Although the people were confused for some time, the condition improved a bit later. Most of them did not follow the rules though. There were plans to restart two more signals — one at Hartali Mor and another the Kotwali intersection. There was no progress unfortunately.”

Another officer expressed hope that at least the signals at Dakbungalow and Bailey Road would be restarted soon.

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