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Tuesday , May 6 , 2014
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Cool summer, fourth Nor’wester in pockets

Jamshedpur, May 5: The season’s fourth Nor’wester today played favourites, sparing Ranchi and Jamshedpur and focussing on Hazaribagh and Chatra districts, but caused summer temperatures to plummet across the state.

A low-intensity storm with its epicentre near Hazaribagh hit wind speed of 30-35kmph, punctuated by thunderclaps and lightning every few seconds. An early evening shower lasted an hour. Rainfall was also reported from Chatra and its adjoining areas.

Thunderclouds did develop over Ranchi and Kolhan region on Monday evening, but no Nor’wester was reported. Overcast skies prevailed in several places including Jamshedpur, Ranchi and Daltonganj. Some places in Kolhan saw light drizzle.

Patna Meteorological Centre hinted at moderate thunder squalls in isolated pockets of Jharkhand in the next 48 hours. “Moderate thunder squalls will take place at a few places during the next 48 hours. Radar pictures show formation of low clouds at several places,” said A.K. Sen, director of Patna Meteorological Centre.

Heat and humidity over Chhotanagpur plateau are just right conditions for thunderclouds to develop there and travel east. Since Friday, when Nor’wester I came, this has been happening in the region. “These conditions are likely to continue for another 48 hours and bring showers and gusty winds,” said a duty officer at Regional Meteorological Centre, Alipore in Calcutta.

Frequent Nor’wester bouts are earning smiles for taming even the daytime summer scorcher. Jamshedpur today recorded a day temperature of 32.6°C, eight notches below normal and much lower than 39.4°C of yesterday.

The maximum reading in Ranchi dropped to 33.8°C against yesterday’s 35°C. At heat chamber Daltonganj, day readings dropped to 38.7°C from 41.6°C during the last 24 hours.

Met data suggested maximum readings witnessed a downswing in most districts.

Many Jamshedpur homes kept air-conditioners off even during the day, a far cry from the previous weekend when the city recorded afternoon temperatures close to 43-44 degrees. “The weather is very pleasant. Our AC is off and we are switching on fans sparingly at night,” said Amrita Kang, a resident of Bistupur.