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Syllabus choice for weak students

Kolhan University may have revised its postgraduate syllabus to make it more industry-oriented for students, but its will also give the weak pupils, who may not be able to clear the Part I examination this year, the right to choose between the old and the new syllabus when they write their papers next year.

The varsity will implement the new syllabus across 22 postgraduate departments from this academic year. However, for students, who were taught according to the old syllabus, the varsity wants to give them a chance to perform well and clear the exam.

The students concerned will have to inform the university at the time of filling up the examination form and the varsity will print the question papers accordingly. The examination forms are made available from May, while the exams are held in June.

“The student will have to write an application to the university. Any request after the form is filled up will not be entertained,” said an university official.

The varsity has more than 500 postgraduate seats.

“It will be doing injustice to the students if they are forced to answer questions based on the new syllabus. They will certainly not perform well. Why harass them unnecessarily,” said Ganga Prasad, controller of examinations, Kolhan University.

Students, naturally, have welcomed the move.

“This is a good initiative by the university. The syllabus has undergone lot of changes after the varsity updated it to be on par with other universities,” said Binita Sharma, a first-year postgraduate student of economics from Jamshedpur Workers’ College.

The varsity had decided to change the syllabus about a couple of years ago. The syllabus for the undergraduate courses will also be changed.