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Unicef’s vaccine report

Immunisation of children has achieved major success in Jharkhand, says a Unicef report that was released on Wednesday. The immunisation rate of around 9 per cent in 1998-99 has gone up to a mammoth 69 per cent in 2011-12.

Unicef will observe World Immunisation Week from April 24 to April 30. The outfit’s Jharkhand chief Job Zachariah informed that full immunisation of children is highest in Lohardaga with 87 per cent, followed by East Singhbhum with 84 per cent. Next come Bokaro with 83 per cent and Ranchi with 8o per cent immunisation.

Deoghar and Giridih are lagging behind with 49 per cent and 43 per cent respectively.

As part of the immunisation programme, six vaccines shielding against eight diseases will be administered to children up to two years of age.