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Wednesday , April 23 , 2014
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Governance deciders

I need to run the government, and the government functions as per the Constitution. I believe that there is only one religion for the government — India First. There is only one holy book for the government — our Constitution. The government believes in one prayer — Bharat Bhakti. There is only one way to govern — “Sabka Sath, Sabka Vikas (development for all, carrying along all)”

Gujarat riots

I have taken it (moral responsibility for any person killed in Gujarat) since day one. All my interviews, speeches (in the Assembly) are available. I request you to do some research. Everything is available... you will find answers to all your queries

Riots probe

You can try me as much (on the 2002 riots) but you won’t be able to do it. When the UPA came into power the second time, I was dragged to the Supreme Court due to a conspiracy. It was then that I decided not to speak since the Supreme Court must not get influenced. Till date, no chief minister in India has been grilled by police for nine hours. This is the chief minister who has been grilled for nine hours by police officers. The Supreme Court has seen the video recording (of the questioning). I have proven myself on these fronts and will continue to do so in future as well. But I refuse to surrender to lies and political conspiracies

Narendra Modi

Muslim jitters

You would have my interview in your library (archives) in 2002 (after winning the Gujarat polls). After winning the polls in 2002, I went to Maninagar in the evening to thank the voters.... I said in my speech that day that this (Gujarat) government belongs to those who have voted for it, against it and even to those who have not voted. The mantra for my government is ‘Abhai, Abhai, Abhai (fearless)’.... I said it thrice...

Giriraj’s go-to-Pak cry

Nobody can agree with what he has said

Aggressive personality, temple, uniform civil code

The country doesn’t work with aggression, the nation works in line with the Constitution, the country moves forward with constitutional dignity. Aggression is meant for polls... not to run the government

‘Jeejaji’ (Robert Vadra)

See, you will have to acknowledge, how will you acknowledge... if something (Vadra’s alleged growth in real estate) has happened, if there is a connect with the family, then the connect lies within this word (‘Jeejaji’).... I am not aware of any other word, otherwise I would have taken up that

Ambani and Adani

This is not your question. It is not expected from media to carry forward the agenda taken up by the political opponents. You are expected to talk about how Modi has governed (in Gujarat) for the last 14 years. There was a government where you could find only middlemen (in political corridors). Modi’s identity is a government where you cannot find any middlemen. People of India can proudly say that there is a (state) government which cannot be pressurised, which can’t be managed (with money). My 14-year record speaks for itself....

Marital status

I am not surprised at anything, there is nothing to my (personal) life… since there is nothing much for them (to talk about), they keep talking about (such) things

Alignment with Pawar

No, no, no.... There is no such (political alignment with Sharad Pawar). As far as friendship is concerned, you would be surprised to know that I am friends with Laluji... we exist in a social setup, but we need to take individual stands due to our political ideologies. But this is one big family... and there can’t be any enemies here

Raj Thackeray

As far as the results are concerned on May 16, I firmly believe that we will not need any such support to govern the nation. But you need everyone’s support to run the nation. I am of the opinion that in a democracy, to run the nation, we must rise above politics and take support from everyone, (though) we would not need (support) to the run the government, we will get full support from the people. Even if Rahul wins from Amethi, though the chances of that are bleak, and becomes the leader of Opposition... we will take his support too. In my view, you need to take everyone along to run the nation

Visiting america

This is a tough question. Yes, a very tough question. The country has chosen me to work for the nation.