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File fillip for prison blues

- Birsa Munda jail inmates to get lamination machines

Come June, offices of the state government will boast laminated files prepared by nearly 600 inmates of Hotwar-based Birsa Munda Central Jail.

The move, introduced under Jharkhand State Prison Welfare Programme, is aimed at providing prisoners with a source of income and infusing confidence in them.

The inmates have already mastered the art of making soaps, towels, registers, carpets and paintings. The products have been sold at fairs as well as used in government offices. They are also making leaf files that are being supplied to the secretariat for use in official purposes.

“We are flooded with demands from state offices and social outfits for the leaf files. Now, we have decided to provide prisoners with lamination machines to enhance their income,” said a jail staff.

“Once our inmates start making laminated files, we will supply these to various departments in bulk quantities. The experience will help them earn a living after they complete their term,” he added.

The staff revealed that the soaps made by the inmates are supplied regularly to the state HRD department and used by the students of state-run schools in campaigns like Hand Washing Day. “Once the inmates master the art of lamination, they can make attractive soap wrappers. Such packaging will help us in the marketing the products,” he added.

He further added that the laminated files would also be supplied to stationery and grocery shops. “We are also planning to supply them to RIMS and Rinpas where products made by our inmates are already in use,” he said, adding that such measures boosted confidence among inmates who are looking forward to leading a decent life,” the prison staff said.

Jail superintendent D.K. Pradhan reiterated that the corrective measures went a long way in reforming prisoners.

“Imprisoned within four walls can make anybody feel worthless. These endeavours provide inmates with a sense of dignity. Also, learning such skills will help them eke out a living after the completion of their term,” he added