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Crack teams to track hostels

Ranchi Municipal Corporation (RMC) has set up two teams to crack down on illegally run lodges and hostels, having realised that only a few of the 1,000-odd that are flourishing in the state capital were doing so after obtaining permission from the civic body.

“No one has any idea about the exact number of lodges and hostels running in the city because most are being run illegally.

The fault is not only with those running such illegal institutions, the responsibility also lies with those who stay in these places,” RMC CEO Manoj Kumar said after conducting an internal review on April 19.

Last year on Gandhi Jayanti, the RMC published notices in newspapers, asking owners of lodges and hostels to ensure their premises were registered latest by October 27, 2013.

But Kumar’s review revealed that only a few had responded.“Only 311 applications came in from owners seeking licenses and while 57 hostels provided information about available facilities and declared they were abiding by RMC guidelines to run lodges and hostels,” Kumar said, adding that it was time to ensure compliance “by force” if necessary.

Hence the teams. While one comprising municipal officials Kumar Rajesh, Munishwar Hembrom and Nagendra Dubey will inspect wards 1 to 29, the other comprising Surendra Jha, Vinay Kumar and Onkar Pandey will track wards 30 to 55.

Initially, the CEO indicated, the officials would draw up a list of lodges and hostels that are well advertised in various localities. They will then check on each to find out their status.

Next, officials would conduct surprise inspections at various lodges, especially those that are being run as hostels for girls or boys, to check for available facilities.

“First, we will check for facilities in those hostels that have applied for licenses and after that we will crack down on those that have not applied at all and do not have minimum, facilities,” said team member Dubey, adding that they would be submitting a report within 10 days.