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Sunday , April 20 , 2014

A concert of magics

I’ve always had this fantasy that one day I would read Gabriel García Márquez in the original Spanish. This reading bit was important because I’d read somewhere that his English wasn’t great and the fantasy also included a meeting with him, more than one meeting, a friendship developing ...   | Read..
Letters to the Editor
The last vultures
Sir — The article, “Vulture nest at culture cradle” (April 15), reminded me of my younger days when ...  | Read.. 
Eternal moments
Sir — “Forget all the doubters, Chaplin is still funny” by Robin Ince (April 13) made for an enjoya ...  | Read.. 
Testing time
Sir — The JEE main examination was conducted on April 6. The paper was of three hours’ duration wit ...  | Read.. 


none of his readers bothered about the willing suspension of disbelief. He created a world that was his own but from which r...   | Read..
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bullet Lonely corner
It is only that people are far more different than is pretended. All over the world men and women are worrying because they cannot develop as they are supposed to develop. Here and there they have the matter out, and it comforts them. Don’t fret yourself, Helen. Develop what you have; love your child. I do not love children. I am thankful to have none. I can play with their beauty and charm, but that is all — nothing real, not one scrap of what there ought to be. And others — others go farther still, and move outside humanity altogether. A place, as well as a person, may catch the glow. — E.M. FORSTER