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Sunday , April 20 , 2014

US discovers a rock star economist from France

French economists who boldly question the dominance of capital over labour — and call for a progressive global tax on wealth — visit the American halls of power about as often as French rock stars headline Madison Square Garden....   | Read..

Hamid Mir wounded in Karachi raid

Senior Pakistani TV journalist Hamid Mir, who faced threats from the Taliban, was today shot at in Karachi by four unidentified gunmen near a bridge on his way to office....   | Read..

Thirteenth body found at site of avalanche

Rescuers recovered the body of one mountain guide today after an ice avalanche swept the lower slopes of Mount Everest, bringing the death toll to at least 13 in the deadlies...   | Read..

Sherpas bear risks of Everest

The Sherpas always go first, edging up the deadly flank of Everest while international clients wait for days in the base camp below....   | Read..
Thomas Piketty
US discovers a rock star economist from France