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Sunday , April 20 , 2014
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Nor’wester hope for respite from dry heat

- Weather office predicts thunderstorms by next weekend, temperature to remain around 40°C till then

Patna, April 19: The weathermen has held out the hope of thunderstorms by the next weekend for the heat-struck residents.

Till the Nor’westers arrive, Patna residents would have to fight the hot and dry weather conditions. The local Met office has predicted that the temperature would remain around 39-40°C till the arrival of the thunderstorms.

The meteorologists have claimed that weather conditions in south Bihar are conducive to the formation of Nor’westers. It is expected to pave the way for the thunderstorms in central Bihar districts, including Patna, by the end of next week.

The Nor’westers hitting Bihar originate from the Chhotanagpur plateau region, when air over the plateau heats up and gains altitude with moisture support from an anti-cyclonic circulation or similar weather system in the Bay of Bengal.

Residents, meanwhile, are having a tough time braving the scorching heat.

The maximum temperature is hovering around the fretful 40°C-mark in most parts of Bihar. The maximum temperature in Patna touched 40°C from Wednesday to Friday. Finally, today, it came down a notch to 39 degre- es Celsius.

The mercury is shooting up in other parts of the state as well. Bhagalpur recorded 40 degrees Celsius today — the highest in the state. Gaya was as hot at 38.4°C.

Similar hot and dry weather conditions are expected to continue for the next four to five days. The mercury column is expected to register around 39-40 degrees Celsius till the Nor’wester hits Patna.

Although the high temperature conditions would be a sore point for the residents, the meteorologists see it as a precondition for the much-awaited Nor’westers.

Another precondition for the sudden thunderstorms to develop is a rise in the atmosphere’s moisture level because of easterly winds.

“The easterly winds are slowly becoming stronger in south Bihar. So, we are expecting thundershowers in that region in a day or two. As the intensity is still not too strong, the moisture content in the atmosphere is still lower than the required level for heavy thundershowers. It is expected that there would be more squalls and less rain during the expected thundershowers in south Bihar,” said Ashish Sen, director, India Meteorological Department, Patna.

He added that the easterly winds are likely to cause Nor’westers in central Bihar districts around next weekend.

Sen also claimed it was unlikely the city would experience heat wave conditions soon.

According to meteorology standards, heat wave condition is said to prevail when the normal temperature is 40°C and above, and the actual temperature continues to be five degrees above the normal for more than two days.